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Schools should choose the services from MySmartGenie for its personalized learning paths, comprehensive curriculum covering various subjects, and robust teacher support and analytics, ensuring tailored, effective, and engaging education for all students.

  • Interdisciplinary Learning: Integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) disciplines for holistic education.
  •  Hands-on Projects: Engages students in practical, project-based learning through designing, building, and programming robots.
  • Critical Thinking: Encourages problem-solving, logical reasoning, and creativity in robotics challenges, fostering essential skills for the future.
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MySmartGenie Services

Stem Education & Robotics

Robotics solutions in schools stimulate hands-on learning, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills essential for students to thrive in future STEM-related fields and industries.


Technology-Enabled Services

Technology-based teaching and learning systems enrich educational experiences, catering to diverse learning styles and promoting active engagement, critical thinking, and collaboration among students, fostering deeper comprehension and retention.

School ERP

School ERP solutions automate administrative tasks, saving time and resources, while improving communication among stakeholders, ensuring efficient school management and enhancing the learning experience.

Science Lab​

Science lab solutions in schools provide practical, experiential learning opportunities, allowing students to explore scientific concepts firsthand, fostering curiosity, inquiry, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Digital Classroom Solution

Digital classroom solutions revolutionize traditional teaching methods by offering interactive learning experiences, multimedia resources, and real-time feedback, fostering student engagement and enhancing educational outcomes.

Training & Skills Development

In the landscape of modern education, there exists a growing recognition that academic success is not solely defined by grades or test scores. The ability to think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and adapt to new challenges are skills equally as vital for success in today’s world.


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Unlocking The Potential of Your School

Enhanced Learning Experience

Experience a dynamic and immersive classroom environment that sparks curiosity and fosters knowledge retention.

Increase Student Engagement

Transform passive students into active participants, promoting collaboration and critical thinking.

Efficient Classroom Management

Streamlined administrative tasks and automated grading tools free up teachers' time for personalized instruction.

Future-Ready Education

Empower students with vital digital skills for a technology-driven future through comprehensive education programs.


How MySmartGenie Leads the Way?

In the crowded landscape of education technology, MySmartGenie stands out as a pioneer and innovator, offering unique solutions that redefine learning experiences. Here's how we differentiate ourselves:

  • Personalized Learning Paths: MySmartGenie utilizes advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to create personalized learning paths for each student.

  • Interactive Learning Tools: Our platform is equipped with a diverse range of interactive learning tools, such as virtual simulations, gamified quizzes, and multimedia resources.

  • Collaboration and Communication: MySmartGenie fosters collaboration and communication among students, teachers, and parents through integrated messaging, discussion forums, and project collaboration features.

  • Continuous Assessment and Feedback: We believe in the power of continuous assessment and feedback to drive learning improvement.


  • Accessible and Inclusive: Our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity ensures that MySmartGenie is accessible to all learners, including those with disabilities or learning differences.

  • MySmartGenie offers personalized learning paths using AI, interactive tools like simulations and quizzes, and fosters collaboration. Continuous assessment supports inclusive education for all learners.

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Unique Selling Points (USP) of MySmartGenie Program

STEM & Robotics Education: Hands-on learning that fosters critical thinking and innovation. These features empower educators, engage students, and revolutionize education through innovative technology integration.

  • STEM & Robotics Education

    Hands-on learning that fosters critical thinking and innovation.

  • Digital Classroom Solutions

    Cutting-edge tools and multimedia content transform traditional classrooms.

  • School ERP Systems

    Cutting-edge tools and multimedia content transform traditional classrooms.

  • Holistic Tech Support

    Comprehensive solutions, including science labs, online tools, and mobile apps, for seamless learning.

My Smart Genie


Schools should choose MySmartGenie because it offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to STEM education, aligning with the latest NEP 2020 guidelines. Their customized, hands-on learning modules in robotics, AI, and IoT enables critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students. MySmartGenie's end-to-end solutions, which include curriculum development, teacher training, and lab setups, ensure seamless integration of modern technologies into the classroom. Additionally, their focus on experiential learning and 21st-century skills prepares students for future technological advancements, making education both engaging and practical.

Customized Curriculum

Tailored robotics, AI, and IoT modules meet NEP 2020 guidelines for relevance.

Hands-On Learning

Emphasizes experiential learning, fostering critical thinking and problem- solving skills.

Comprehensive Solutions

Offers complete service: curriculum, teacher training, lab setups

Future-Ready Skills

Prepares students for technological advancements and 21st-century careers.

My Smart Genie
My Smart Genie

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What Peoples Say About us